New Site, Same Old Me

For those of you seeing this blog for the first time, I have ran my personal website under the name for a few years now. During those few years, my blog outgrew my initial expectations many times over. Although, it will always be its primary goal, the site became much more than my personal scratchpad. People started bookmarking my content and coming back to it for reference. Others started discussions around it, which led to even more posts and fresh ideas.

Why a new site?

To reflect the ever evolving nature of my blog, I decided to experiment a little, and make it easier for me to a) add new content in various forms, and b) make it easier for everyone else to find this content and contribute with questions and feedback. is a statically-generated site built with the amazing Hugo. While I love Hugo (it opened the doors to the Go world to me), I have reached a stage where organizing the various forms of content I have collected over the years, has become too cumbersome using a folder structure of Markdown files. I continue using Hugo for many projects of mine because it is the fastest site generator on the market. Yet, I need a little more flexibility when publishing, and this is what I hope WordPress’ close to two decades of existence is going to offer.

What is happening to the existing content?

It will always remain where it is. In fact, my intention is to move all of it over here, piece by piece. Until this happens, however, it will keep being present under, and even after moving over here, I will make sure that both places point to each other for a long while.

What is happening to the name?

It will remain alive for the time to come. I am running many of my projects, as well as the bulk of my existing blog content under that name. I do not see the name going anywhere, in fact, I think I can make both co-exist and benefit each other.

Thanks for sticking around! To many new adventures! 🚀

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